On Description


Edičně připravila Alice Jedličková

Praha, Nakladatelství Akropolis 2014.





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Table of contents

Alice Jedličková: Introduction

Jana Hoffmannová: The absent description: compensating for its evocative and identifying function

Marián Zouhar: The semantics of definite descriptions and identification

Petr Koťátko: Identificatory functions of the description in a fictional text

Heidrun Führer – Bernadette Banaszkiewicz: The trajectory of ancient ekphrasis

Emma Tornborg: Time is of the essence: temporal transformations in ekphrasis

Stanislava Fedrová: Description and its subject: through the eyes of the observer

Zdeněk Hrbata: The chariot of Thespis

Ivana Taranenková: Towards an adequate storyworld and expression: description in Slovak realist fiction

Alice Jedličková: Experientiality: does it divide or link description and narration?